The majority of open space within Deer Canyon’s more than 11,000 acres is managed by the New Mexico Land Conservancy (http://www.nmlandconservancy.org/nm.php) and open to residents for passive recreation, including hiking, horseback riding, and bicycling on well-developed trails of easy to moderate difficulty. The only exception is the immediate area surrounding each residence site (1-3 acres). This concept of “common land” within individual ownership allows everyone full enjoyment of the spectacular views and glorious dark night skies, the sounds of coyotes and owls at night, and the many birds, deer, and other wildlife by day. Since our land is a preserve, the community’s covenants do not allow hunting or riding ATVs off road.

Deer Canyon residents enjoy community life at the custom built Preserve Center which provides a multi-purpose meeting room open to residents for private functions. The preserve is ideal for equestrian living, with several larger lots designed to accommodate equine facilities and residents. Additionally, the community features an Equestrian Center that can be used to board owners’ and guests’ horses.

In addition to extensive hiking opportunities, Deer Canyon’s many trails open paths to exploration of ancient history and artifacts at interesting on-site pueblo ruins.

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